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Why Wait campaign 2001 - 2005

The F&PA advertising campaign persuades women to buy their own flowers rather than wait until they are given them.

The Flowers & Plants Association's 2001-2005 ad campaign used the cheeky tagline "Why Wait? Buy your own" to encourage women to buy flowers for themselves, rather than waiting to receive them as a gift from the man in their life. The campaign was targeted at working women aged 25-45 as they are most likely to have a positive attitude to flowers, and enough money to buy them regularly, but they may not be adding flowers to their weekly shopping lists yet.

The campaign material showed that men are unlikely to buy flowers for them any time soon, and called on these women to get independent - and buy for themselves. The campaign consisted TV and radio, press and the internet, postcards, e-cards, screensavers.

The Why Wait campaign was accompanied by extensive press coverage in both the trade and the consumer press. This demonstrated why, anywhere in the UK, women ought to be waking up to the realisation that their guys are not going to get them flowers often enough - and probably not the right kind of flowers. They need to ask themselves, "What on earth am I waiting for?"