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Stylish Flowers For Your Home – Every Season!

The Flowers & Plants Association, with our European partners Flower Council of Holland, produce stylish flower trends especially for you. The trends are created by leading prediction companies throughout Europe, and tie in with home decor and catwalk fashions. The Flowers & Plants Association takes these predictions and turns them into seasonal styles exclusively for the UK.

These new styles fit in with modern interiors - and the arrangements are simple and quick to do. They don't require huge bunches of flowers to achieve - even a couple of flower stems can transform a room.

We're now buying flowers more often for ourselves, and for our homes - F&PA surveys, research, and independent studies tell us this. Many of us are choosing distinctive styles of home decor - and are looking for flowers and plants which fit in with these styles.

We also find from our surveys and research that people miss a sense of the seasons; particularly if they live in a city. Flowers and plants are a reminder of those seasons - and each season the Flowers & Plants Association will show you new ideas for using flowers in your home.



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