Industry Info

Industry Info

Training & Jobs - how to become a florist, or work in horticulture

Companies - a list of all Flowers & Plants Association members, by category

Newsletter - want to find out more about how the Flowers & Plants Association promotes the cut flower and indoor plant industry in the UK? Want to know more about the industry, or find out more about what we do every day? Check out our latest newsletter to discover more.

Member Profiles - Want to know whats its like to spend the day within the floristry culture, have a look at our member profiles to find out more.

Flower industry - floriculture is a dynamic, global fast-growing industry. Find out more about how those flowers and plants get from the grower to your home

UK Market - the size of the UK market, and how it is growing

More on our members - The Flowers & Plants Association is funded by a range of companies, including breeders and growers, importers and wholesalers, retailers and designers

Celebrity Florists - The celebrity world of florists - who would have thought it could be so glamorous?! Meet our florists who brush shoulders with the stars, making flowers for celebrity events, occassions or homes.

Members' books - a list of books on floristry, written by our members




training & jobs
training & jobs
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