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How to Join

Membership of the Association is a tiny price to pay for nationwide publicity for your industry, and an information bureau. Some industries allocate up to 15% of their turnover for promotion.

Click any membership level to find out more.

BUD - beginner
£10.75 a month : worth over £2,400+

Ideal for very small or new companies, and individuals

BLOOM - basic
£20.75 a month : worth over £6,000+
Ideal for low-turnover florists, colleges,  secondary wholesalers and small growers

BUNCH – bells & whistles
£40.75 a month : worth over £19,300+
Ideal for florists, flower schools, wholesalers,  sundries suppliers, freelance designers, growers

BOUQUET – big business
£95.75 a month : worth over £55,000+
Ideal for supermarkets, packers, on-line retailers, co-operatives and other large businesses

How to join

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If you would like more information email us at or call us on 020 7738 8044