Care Tips

Simple Tips to Keep your Houseplants Looking Good

Looking after houseplants is not difficult, but some may need special attention. Buy plants with a specific care label with a botanical name on it. This helps you identify the three key elements your plant needs to grow, and therefore where it would be happiest - how much light the plant needs, how warm it likes to be, and how much water to give it.

Try to choose houseplants that like the conditions in your home or the way you look after your plants. For instance, if you have warm sunny rooms cacti are ideal; whereas shady areas would suit ferns or ivy. Azaleas are ideal for those who overwater plants; and bromeliads for those who forget!

Don't forget to feed your plants regularly - to give them the energy to flower, produce new roots, and encourage healthy leaf growth. There are many different types of plant food available - make sure you use one for either flowering or foliage plants, as appropriate, as the ingredients are different. If you have plants with broad glossy leaves, give them an occasional wipe over with a damp cloth. The plant's 'lungs' are in its leaf surface - and if it's choked with dust it can't breathe.


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