Care Tips

Simple Tips to Keep your Houseplants Looking Good

New plants will not need feeding as the compost contains enough nutrients for at least six weeks growth. Some flowering houseplants have a dormant period when they recuperate after a season of growth; during this time they need less watering and feeding. Talking to plants is not so daft either, as you are breathing carbon dioxide on them, which they need to survive. It also allows you to inspect, close up, for pests and diseases or signs of stress.

Quality of your plants is vital, so inspect them well before you purchase and only buy from a reputable source. Choose houseplants with lush healthy leaves and new growth. Buy flowering plants when the buds are just opening; and remove dead flowerheads to encourage new flowers to open.

We hope this gives you fresh new ideas for using plants in your home or work! Remember all living houseplants help increase feelings of relaxation and well being, and help you breathe more easily. So whatever houseplants you choose to have around you, they will improve your mind, body and spirit - as well as beautify your surroundings.

San Everia
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