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Plant of the Month

Saucy Spring!

Introduce some saucy splendour to your home this march, with striking Strelitzias. You might know it as 'bird of paradise' - its colourful orange and purple flowers perch on a sturdy green beak.

Add one of these plants to your home and you'll transform it onto a tropical paradise - with one of these around you, who would want to go out, let alone on holiday? Great for transforming your home during credit-crunch times, it will last for months, keeping that special, snugly homely feel alive for longer.

To keep it looking as glorious as can be, feed every week, place somewhere sunny and don't repot it. Instead of migrating abroad this year, friends and family will flock to your paradise home - and this plant is so beautiful, it deserves to be admired by all!


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