Where to Buy

Where to Buy

The F&PA recommends the following retailers, who are all members of the Association. Select a category for details:-


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More outlets now sell flowers and plants, including florists, supermarkets, market stalls, greengrocers, farm shops, garden centres, nurseries, garages and mail order companies. This makes buying flowers and plants much easier!

Retail Florists -: can make whatever you want to order; will sell flowers and plants from the address listed; will also deliver locally in most cases.

Flower and Plant Shops, Nursery Shops - sell a set range of bouquets and bunches, flowers and indoor plants from the address listed.

Postal Companies, Mail order, Internet - deliver a set range of bouquets and boxes of flowers by post or courier.

Relay Organisations - deliver pre-made or made-to-order bouquets to anywhere; have branches nationwide - their head office passes you to the nearest outlet to the delivery address.

Contract Designers - work to contract only, from a single bouquet to an entire event; not retail outlets.

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Where to Buy

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