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Membership of the Flowers & Plants Association is open to anyone working in the UK cut flower and indoor plant industry and related areas; or targeting UK consumers with their products and services.

We encourage people to buy more of what you grow, import or sell. Funded by membership subscription, the more members we have, the more promotion we can do.

The more promotion we do, the more people buy. It's a fact.

Funds are received from UK wholesalers, importers, exporters, retailers, growers, colleges and associated companies such as distributors, manufacturers and publishers. Membership is also global, with organisations from all around the world funding the promotions.

Membership costs from just 35p a day with benefits worth many times more. Click the links to the right to find out more! You can also apply to join online.

Amanda Randell of Randell Cox Floral Design
Member since June 2006
"Thank you so much for your advice.  It's a wonderful service you provide us and I'm glad that I'm a member."



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