Care Tips | Hard to Kill Houseplants

Hard to Kill Houseplants

If you think you can't look after houseplants, or if your houseplants die on you, don't despair. You don't necessarily have black fingers instead of green ones! You may have the wrong environment in your home for the plants you chose, or you may just have picked plants requiring specialist care. Here instead are some foolproof plants to try, which always put on a good show!

Some plants may experience a period of stress when you bring them home - just as we find moving house intensely stressful, so do they! Don't panic if leaves or flowers drop, but treat your plant normally and wait until it has settled into its new spot.

We hope this will encourage you to try houseplants! Remember, the key to success is simple - find out where your houseplant originates from, and try to provide those conditions as best you can. Or choose houseplants that are suited to the conditions you have in your home.

hot sunny room
or you forget
to water
your plants
Dragon Tree

dark, cool
room where nothing
will grow

you overwater
your plants

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