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Flower Trends for Winter

Winter is not a barren, bleak time for flowers - as well as flowers available all year round (see below) there are early bulb flowers like amaryllis, hyacinth, tulip, narcissus, and hellebore; southern hemisphere exotics such as protea, kangaroo paw (Anigozanthos)and Euphorbia fulgens; and foliages including ilex (hollyberry) and leucadendron to add much-needed colour.

Look & Wonder: Creativity, fantasy and the wonder of nature.

Floral Empire: The focus is classical elegance.

Vintage Glamour: The focus is firmly on beauty and luxury.

Dressing Up: This not cosy or traditional, but fiery, fun and frenetic.

Wild White: Take your inspiration from nature in its wildest most untamed forms.

Magic Drama: These blooms are sensual and scented, dreamy and dramatic - a sumptuous style that will leave you spellbound!

Nature's Jewels: Takes you on a voyage of discovery through a world of rough beauty to uncover a cache of luxurious flowers.

Byzantine : Orient Express. Turkish Delight. Ottoman Empire. Six words that conjure up a continent, a history, a nation.

Soft Snow : Luxurious pale frosty arrangements with contrasting textures

Red Decadence: Deep jewel tones combine in an opulent, baroque mood.



Winter 2000 - Soft Snow
Winter 2001 - Byzantine
Winter 2002 - Nature's Jewels
Winter 2003 - Magic Drama
Winter 2004 - Wild White
Winter 2005 - Dressing Up
Winter 2006 -  Vintage Glamour
Winter 2007 -  Floral Empire
Winter 2008 - Look & Wonder