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Flower Fashion Trends for Spring

Bulb flowers such as Narcissus hybrids, daffodils, tulips, hyacinth, Muscari (grape hyacinth) are in season. Many of these have a delightful scent. Indeed, a great number of spring-flowering plants are scented, including Chamaelaucium (wax flower), lily of the valley (Convallaria), Genista (florists' broom), and lilac. This is also the season for blossom - cherry blossom (Prunus) and Viburnum opulus (snowball tree) being two of the prettiest.

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Colourful Grey: Challenge dreary interiors, or spice up a neutral home with a splash of colour using vivacious, gorgeous blooms.

Natural Worship: Express your personality - and your personal beliefs. Create a floral shrine at home or work.

Still Life: The trend is all about taking a break from the fast pace of life and seeking some peace and quiet.

Personal Notes: Create a world of your own by personalising arrangements of romantic spring blooms.

Graphic Play:  Relax and have some fun - refresh rooms with bright colours and simple shapes!

Sweet Crystal: Fantasy kingdom, enchanted princesses and gingerbread house - a surreal world of fairytales and magic.

Fresh Folklore: East European peasant style meets 1950's housewife chic!

Growing Together: Fun, funky, childlike designs with colourful spring flowers.

Modern Romance: Pinks, whites and fresh pastels in cool transparent combinations.

Soft Focus: White, yellow and lime for a fresh, almost edible, look.



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