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Flower Trends for Autumn

Autumn brings the rich colours of Achillea (yarrow), love-lies-bleeding, cockscomb and plume celosia, crocosmia, dahlia, gladiolus, late sunflowers, red hot poker (Kniphofia), hypericum, zinnia and solidago. Cooler shades can be found in echinops (globe thistle), Gomphrena, Chinese aster (Callistephus), Physostegia (obedience plant), scabious, and sedum. Foliages also get interesting, with rich colours, berries, seedpods and twigs coming into the shops.

Folk Design: Get back to nature, harvesting natural accessories from the earth, such as grass, wheat, fruit – and the diva of earth’s bulbs, the lily flower

Naughty by Nature: Stimulation for all the senses, especially touch, smell and taste.

Animated Colours: If you feel tired, sad or just plain worn-out, Animated Colours flowers will soon cheer you up again!

Natural Chemistry: Take a look around you: explore, experiment - and enjoy! This trend is all about exploring the wonders of the world around us.

Cabin Spirit:
Escape to the woods and indulge in outdoor life. Mix flowers in shades of autumn skies with dark foliage and enjoy the outdoors - indoors!

Contained Spaces:
Perfect balance in a world which is fast-moving and chaotic. Make your own inner sanctum with order and calm by creating neat yet bright arrangements.

Rhythm Deluxe: Takes you to a land of luxury and decadence. Warm sexy tones of coffee & cream, honey & ginger, whisky & wine.

Landscape: Natural grassy shades mix with high-tech materials for a modern take on landscape.

Harvest Mix: Rich berry colours in a modern oriental style.

Indian Summer: Navajo-inspired sunset tones and earth shades.



Harvest Mix
Rhythm Deluxe
Contained Spaces
Cabin Spirit
Natural Chemistry
Animated Colours
Naughty by Nature
Folk Design