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Name: Named after Traugott Gerber, a German doctor. Usually pronounced JUR-bra. Infrequently called Transvaal Daisy or Barberton Daisy.
Origin: South Africa (Transvaal and Cape Province)
Colour: Gerberas offer an incredibly wide range of colours with every colour except blue represented (including fashionable shades of buff and maroon).
Availability: All year round.
Miniature gerbera (germinis) are available, as well as the standard size, and large headed types (bigger than your palm).
There are over 200 varieties of gerbera and breeders have developed many variants from serrated or frilly petals to double flowers and extra wide petals. A new developement is the mini-gerbera or 'germini' which have the same wide choice of colours but are smaller and more appropriate for smaller flower arrangements.
Care Tips:
Need warmth and bright light.

Zodiac: Associated with the star sign Leo
History: Little-known 20 years ago, but now extremely popular and fashionable. Gerbera were first imported to Europe in the 19th century.