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Below are some of the commonly available, new and interesting, fillers. Ask your flower retailer to include them in your next bouquet. You may find you like them so much, you forget the flowers!

  • Alchemilla (lady's mantle) - a favourite with flower arrangers. Fluffy lime green flowerheads and soft scalloped circular leaves.
  • Ammi majus and Anethum graveolens (dill) - similar-looking fillers which mix well in informal arrangements. Both have dainty umbrella-shaped heads of tiny flowers, ammi in white and dill in aromatic yellow.
  • Aster ericoides (September flower) and Aster novi-belgii - particularly good in cottage-garden style bouquets. Pink, purple or white daisies.
  • Bupleurum - looks similar to Alchemilla as both have lime green flowerheads. Bupleurum's flowers are larger and more bright lime.
  • Fresh green oval leaves which wrap around the stems.
  • Chamaelaucium (waxflower) - lemon/marzipan scent, and delicate cup-shaped pink flowers on woody stems. Makes an unusual and elegant filler.
  • Gypsophila (baby's breath) - much used in mixed bouquets. A splendid airy filler, giving a romantic look to arrangements. Available in pink, white, single and double forms. "Million Stars" is the latest variety.
  • Solidago/Solidaster (goldenrod) - immensely popular with all visitors to our show stands. Many are familiar with goldenrod as a wild flower but have not considered it as a cut flower before.