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Top Tips For Foliage & Filler Care

The Flowers & Plants Association recommends the following simple tips, based on extensive research, to ensure that your foliage & fillers last longer and look lovelier:

Take at least 3cm (1") off all stems, making a slanted cut with a sharp knife, or secateurs if stems are woody. Don't hammer the stems.

Make sure vases are very clean, and use fresh lukewarm water.

Strip all leaves below water level to avoid polluting the water.

Always use proprietary flower food to feed flowers and leaves, and prevent bacteria forming in the stems causing wilting.

Avoid direct sunlight, heat, or draughts.

Keep foliage & fillers away from fruit, and remove faded flowers and leaves as they occur.

Top up the water regularly and add flower food as necessary.


setaria grass, sedum and papyrus