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Fashion Flowers For Winter
The New Collection : Soft Snow

Dendrobium Orchid>

Dendrobium orchids used to be considered exotic and extravagent, but in recent years they have become much more widely available. The white and cream ones bring a touch of luxury in a snowy winter display.


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< Rose

Roses are probably the world's best known flowers. Their elegant, delicate shape and soft creamy white colours perfectly reflect the mood of the 'Soft Snow' trend.


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Euphorbia fulgens >

Little known in the UK, the long arching branches of white Euphorbia fulgens give breadth and height to an all white display.


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< Hellebore

The flowers of Hellebores or Christmas roses resemble fleshy winter dog roses. The flower is used for winter decoration, particularly in Scandinavia. Their season is short so enjoy them while you can.


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Tulip >

The exotic forms of tulips such as parrot (ruched, frilly), fringed (with ice crystal edges), waterlily (double-flowered bowls) and lily (pointed, curly petals) look as if they should come from a tropical island.

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< Amaryllis

Wonderfully flamboyant architectural flowers which contrast with the icy and fluffy textures of Soft Snow.



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