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Feng Shui and Flowers

Feng Shui is an ancient Oriental method of divining good and bad forces, which is gaining popularity in the UK. Many people are rearranging their homes and offices to improve the flow of beneficial energy, under the guidelines of Feng Shui.

Living flowers and plants play a big part in harnessing or altering this beneficial energy, or chi. The Flowers & Plants Association has the following suggestions to improve your surroundings with flowers and plants by these methods.

A white vase with red or pink fresh flowers on the bedside table will bring more romance into your life.

Jasmine is the plant of friendship and a good gift to take when visiting.

Peonies strengthen male energy - one species is known as Male Vermilion. They are emblems of loyalty and affection; and can strengthen the heart and prevent blood disorders and congestions. Peonies with plenty of flowers and leaves are an omen of good fortune.

Chrysanthemums bring laughter and happiness to your home. The Chinese have beautiful names for them such as Heaven full of Stars or Drunk with Wine made from the Peaches of the Immortals. Chrysanthemums are associated with a life of relaxation and retirement.

The Narcissus is known as the Water Fairy. Grown from bulbs and forced into bloom exactly at the new year, it brings good luck for the next twelve months.

Lilies, considered one of the eight treasures, are regarded as an emblem of summer and abundance, and are very favourable flowers to have in the home.

You should have at least one big plant in each room to freshen the atmosphere, clean the air, and bring beneficial energy.

Green is the colour of growth. Green plants reflect peace and harmony and will ease troubled minds. They alleviate all stress, and represent balance, harmony and peace.

Spiky plants can bring bad energy, but they can also reactivate areas of sluggish energy in the home, thus moving chi around.

Round-leafed plants encourage good energy and bring good fortune. Jade plants or money trees are particularly auspicious.



Chrysanthemums bring laughter and happiness to your home.  
  At least one big plant in each room to freshen the atmosphere
Tazetta Narcissus  
  A white vase with pink/red flowers brings romance