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Men & Flowers

Most flowers sold in the UK are bought by women. However, come Valentine's Day, the majority of flowers sold are overwhelmingly bought by men! Why is this? What is stopping men buying flowers the rest of the year?

Need a Reason?

The F&PA recently questioned groups of men on why they bought flowers - most said "to soften the wife up" or to apologise for bad behaviour! No wonder some women can be a little suspicious of bouquets (although they try not to look a gift horse in the mouth...) Get into the good habit of surprising your partner with a bouquet for no reason at all - she'll be delighted by your thoughtfulness instead of wondering what you've been up to. Remember how happy she was when you bought flowers on Valentine's Day? Well, why save it up for just one day a year - try a small bunch of fresh flowers every now and then and see what effect it has!

Lack of knowledge

Many men don't know the names of flowers or how to go about choosing them, and this can be a little daunting for beginner buyers. Visit our other website pages on flower buying, to get some idea of what to look for when shopping for flowers. Ordering flowers by phone can cut out some of the worry as firms offer standard arrangements at varying price points, so you know exactly what you are getting. However, remember if you want something more individual then many florists will make up a "hand-tied bouquet" - this is a ready-made mixed bunch, wrapped and arranged to go straight into a vase. You just need to specify the colour, style and price required!