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Top Ten best-selling cut flowers in UK

by 2006 sales value

1. Rose
2. Carnation
3. Lily
4. Chrysanthemum
5. Daffodil / Narcissus
6. Tulip
7. Freesia
8. Sunflower
9. Alstroemeria
10. Gladiolus

Source: Flowers & Plants Association/TNS (Omnimas)

It is impossible to be completely accurate about the best-selling flowers and plants. Over half of all flowers in the UK are not barcoded, and so sales data is compiled from consumer diaries and collated figures from certain retailers. However, a guide is given above, based on the best analysis of consumer purchase figures.

Point of interest: This list of best-selling flower varies quite considerably from that for the most popular flowers, compiled annually from F&PA consumer surveys. In the UK we choose flowers for long vase life, fashionable colours and good value for money.

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