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  • Hardy Bougainvillea? Well… almost!

    Ever dreamed of having a tropical paradise in your back garden, right through the year?

    Now your dream could be coming true! Dutch nursery De Wintertuin has developed the first cold-tolerant bougainvillea, especially for Northern European climates. The plants are hardy to five degrees celsius, and able to withstand temperatures as low as zero degrees. They'll need protecting or bringing indoors when the thermometer drops below freezing.

    De Wintertuin appropriately means “The Winter Garden” in Dutch; and these bougainvillea will add a touch of carnival colour to our northern hemisphere gardens during the cold months of the year.

    The plants are available in classic vibrant magenta-purple, with some orange, yellow, white, and red varieties too.

    Outdoor bougainvillea are available from your local florist or garden centre.

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    Salmon, pink, and orange bougainvillea