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  • Name - Pronounced SIK-la-men, the name is presumed to come from Greek kyclos, a circle referring to the round tubers, or leaves.
  • Description - Lovely inverted flowers rise out of fantastically patterned rounded or heart-shaped leaves. Some of the patterns, particularly the silver leaved varieties are exquisite and can truly be described as a wonder of nature.
  • Family - Primulaceae
  • Colours - Pinks, purples, white, red and combinations of these.
  • Varieties - There are scented varieties of cyclamen available now, following years of breeding to make sure plants not only smell good but also have large long-lived healthy flowers.
  • Care Tips - Cyclamen like things cool; the smaller the leaves, the cooler they can stand it.
  • Trivia - The tubers are regarded as the favourite food for pigs in the South of France, Sicily and Italy, hence a rather uncommon common name Sowbread.

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