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Kalanchoe blossfeldiana

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  • Name - Pronounced kal-an-CHOH-ee or kal-an-KO-ee. The name comes from a corrupted Chinese name of one species. Blossfeldiana is after Robert Blossfeld, a nurseryman in Potsdam, Germany (1920-1940). It is commonly called Flaming Katy.
  • Description - Kalanchoes are succulent plants. Some are mainly grown for their foliage and others, like this species, for their long lasting flowers.
  • Origin - Madagascar
  • Colour - It comes in a range of hot colours like red, pink, cerise orange and yellow but more recently white and cream ones are becoming popular. The flowers are usually single but the newer "Calandiva" varieties are double flowered.
  • Family - Crassulaceae, orpine family
  • Varieties - There are over 200 Kalanchoe species.
  • Care Tips - Easy to look after. Enjoys a bright sunny position (warm in summer, cooler in winter). Keep plants almost dry in winter, in summer water moderately. In spring and summer feed once a fortnight.


  • Kalanchoe blossfeldiana