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Pachira aquatica

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  • Name - Pronounced Pack-EEra. Sometimes called malabar chestnut.
  • Description - An imposing architectural plant with large seven-fingered leaves. It is sometimes offered as a large-size or "specimen" plant with multiple plaited stems.
  • Origin - Mexico to Costa Rica
  • Family - Bombacaceae
  • Care Tips - Give plenty of light including some direct sunlight, but not scorching midday sun. The species name refers to its native aquatic or wetland habitat, but despite its origins it is surprisingly tolerant of the occasional drying out, as long as it is not in direct sun at the same time. For the best growth, water freely in the active summer period then reduce watering in winter. Left alone it would eventually make a small tree, but it is very tolerant of pruning, so there is no difficulty in keeping it compact. Although vigorous, even large plants can be accommodated in a 30 cm pot.
  • Trivia - In the wild, red flowers, up to 35 cm in size, rise like feathers over the leaves. Its flowers produce edible, chestnut-flavoured, multi-seeded fruit. Unfortunately the flowers do not appear on the houseplant, but it is still a decorative little indoor tree.

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    Pachira aquatica