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Phalaenopsis (Moth Orchid)

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  • Name - Pronounced fal-a-nop-sis. Comes from Greek phalaina meaning a moth and opsis meaning resemblance.
  • Description - Arching flower stalks bear lovely, flat, multiple flower heads which resemble moths or butterflies.
  • Origin - South East Asia
  • Family - Orchid family, with 50+ species belonging to the genus Phalaenopsis
  • Care Tips - Enjoy a light spot, but no long-term exposure to bright sunlight. Regular, moderate watering ideally using boiled and cooled water. Provide high humidity, mist often but not on the flower heads. Feed with Orchid fertiliser every 14 days. Cut back stems after flowers fade to just below node which produced the first flower. Given the right conditions phalaenopsis can flower for months on end.
  • Trivia - Effective in removing xylene (chemical emissions from adhesives, computer VDU screens, paints, photocopiers, stains and varnishes) from the atmosphere.

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