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Phoenix canariensis

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  • Name - Commonly called Canary Island date palm, Phoenix, pronounced FEE-nix, is the Greek name for date palm.
  • Description - It is one of several phoenix palms which can be grown indoors and can become quite large, though they are slow growing. Young specimens grow upright and later become more like the classic date palm shape. The stem is brown and husk-like and the fronds a light emerald green.
  • Family - Palmae
  • Origin - Tropics
  • Care Tips - Very bright position. Enjoys a spell outside in the summer but do not let the temperature fall below 15°C (59°F) in the winter. Keep the rootball slightly moist at all times and you will need to water plentifully in the summer but do not let it stand in water. Feed with weak solution in spring and summer. Mist often in dry atmospheres.

  • Phoenix canariensis