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Healthiest Houseplants

Some houseplants are 'healthier' than others. These plants also absorb potentially harmful chemicals from the air. These chemicals include those found in paints, varnishes and dry cleaning fluids; car exhaust fumes; and tobacco smoke. The plants themselves are not harmed in this absorption process, and providing they are looked after in the normal way, can continue to absorb chemicals as they continue to grow. All the plants listed here are comparatively easy to look after, particularly the chrysanthemums, ivy and dracaena.

All indoor plants benefit from a brightly lit position out of direct sunlight and draughts. The above plants appreciate a regular misting of lukewarm water to prevent drying leaftips, to clean the leaves and to keep the plants breathing well.

For more information on houseplants' abilities to absorb chemicals, the Wolverton Environmental Services website details NASA research carried out one this subject, to find out more click to:-

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Dragon Tree
Spider Plant
Peace Lily
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