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Voted best plant to boost the health of officer workers

Plants in the workplace have been scientifically proven over many years to increase productivity and health, especially for workers who spend more than four hours in front of a computer screen.  But now a panel of experts including specialists from the Dutch National Health Institute NIGZ, TNO Quality of Life and Applied Plant and Environment Research PPO has judged five air-purifying plants on their air-cleansing capacity and their practical application in the workplace, and awarded mother-in-law's-tongue, or Sansevieria,  as the official "Best Office Plant" of 2008.

Other plants considered were peacock plant (Calathea), devil's ivy (Epipremnum), dragon tree (Dracaena) and umbrella tree (Schefflera), but Sansevieria was voted the best for offices and office workers.

The panel said: “not only is the Sansevieria air purifying, but also nearly indestructible. Plant care at the workplace often leaves a lot to be desired, but the Sanseviera requires so little care that in fact the plant will always survive and continue to look good.”

Sansevieria are extremely stylish and come in a variety of gorgeous shapes and sizes. As well as the traditional green tongues with pale green edges, they also come in a spiky version – "Skyline" -  like a Mohican haircut. They come in small, compact sizes, perfect to fit next to a computer monitor, but you can also get much bigger plants, great for placing around the office or for a relaxing waiting area or reception.

Sansevieria are available nationwide from any good florist, garden centre or plant retailer; prices vary regionally.




The deep vibrant red adds drama.