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Its name comes from a Greek word meaning "sparkling", and it's so easy to see why when you encounter its silken touch, velveteen sheen, and strong, sturdy, flamboyancy.
No - it's not your dream lover. It's not your perfect dress. It's not smooth, rich chocolate either. It's more reliable, more affordable, and less calorific than all of these things – it's the star of all winter and spring flowers, the Amaryllis.

The Vera Wang of Flowers
The Flowers & Plants Association recommends this flower for the most discerning female of Winter/Spring 2009, where fashion is set to go back to pre-war glamour, elegance and sophistication. Vera Wang's Spring 2009 collection of wedding gowns is reminiscent of the feminine styles of 30's and 40's.  The dresses are all about big, bouffant, chic gowns, with no extra frills – apart from, perhaps, a single magnificent bow. Amaryllis are the embodiment of this fashion trend,  with their big, opulent, silken petals like the skirt of an evening dress in rich, elegant colours; but with no fussiness or frills.

One Flower: A Million Dollars
Amaryllis are so easy to arrange, too, making them the perfect flower for the modern woman. Buy when the flowers are still in the velveteen mounds of their buds, and watch the flower transform as it opens before your eyes. Keep the clean-cut look by wrapping a piece of sticky tape around the end of the stem; or allow the stem to split naturally and make a crazy, curly display in the vase. Amaryllis are great cut low for a coffee table, for a more modern, chunkier look.
They match any style, any interior, and any personality. Even one stem in a fabulous vase looks a million dollars, making amaryllis the perfect touch of luxury, everyday.




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