Press Release | Chrysanthemums - Fun Fashion Flowers

Chrysanthemums - Fun Fashion Flowers

Some snooty designers say they don’t like chrysanthemums – we say they’re fools! The experts at the Flowers & Plants Association know that chrysanths are the must-have flower item this season. Just take a look at the photos from our fashion shoot!

Chrysanths are bargain blooms - you can even afford them at the end of the month when you are desperately waiting for payday. They come in a huge range of colours so you’ll always find one to match your outfit or your bedroom wallpaper. And they look great styled in all kinds of ways – fun and funky, chic and classy, or minimal and modern.

There are hundreds of different types of chrysanthemums – tiny little buttons in vivid lime green; huge blowsy blooms of coppery-orange; pure white dainty stars; shades of lilac and pink; stripes – even one that looks exactly like a fried egg! (Her name is Inga).

The Flowers & Plants Association has designed some great ways to use these fab fashion flowers – what an inspiration! Why not have fun, and brighten up your life this month with flowers? It’s calorie-free and very stylish…




The deep vibrant red adds drama.
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