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Flower Supply

If you do not wish to use readymade images from our extensive image library (some of which are available exclusively), we can supply you with cut flowers and indoor plants for your photoshoots.

We have two options for product supply :

Free product
Condition : You are featuring flowers and/or indoor plants as the key or main element of the editorial.

Choose from our range of free-of-charge products, which link into the fashion trends we promote each season. These trends are conceived by a leading European trend house to reflect the latest fashions in interiors and catwalk.

  1. You let us know what the brief or colourway is, and how many pages of editorial the shoot has been allocated
  2. We will use our expertise to buy the most suitable product for you, and supply it free of charge (see table below).
  3. In return, you will credit as follows : “Flowers and plants shown courtesy of "“ in the caption to the photograph.

Product at cost
Condition : The flowers and/or plants will be a secondary element of the editorial. OR, you do not wish to use the flowers and plants we are promoting as high fashion.

Choose your own flowers and plants, which we will buy for you according to your brief.

  1. You let us know what product you want, and what your budget is.
  2. We’ll let you know if it is seasonally available; and we will buy it for you if so.
  3. We’ll invoice you at the cost to us plus VAT.

All products

  1. Should be ordered with as much notice as possible, as certain items may have to be ordered in advance and this takes three days. We cannot accept same day orders. If you call the day before, we cannot guarantee supply of product, as it depends on wholesale availability.
  2. Can be collected from our offices within office hours.
  3. Should be collected by your own couriers. We don’t deliver.

To see what products we are currently promoting in our fashion trends, please see the table below.

If your magazine comes out in this month

We can supply you with

October 08 or November 08

FLOWERS : Lily, chrysanthemum, Chinese aster, aster, carthamus, gladiolus, scabious

PLANTS : Pot lily, spider plant, pot mum, ornamental pepper, Boston fern, solanum

December 08 to February 09

FLOWERS : cymbidium orchid, carnation, gyp, anthurium

PLANTS : cymbidium, Christmas cactus, anthurium, peperomia, pitcher plant, ludisia orchid

January 09 to March 09

FLOWERS : amaryllis

January to April 09

FLOWERS : hyacinth

We can also loan a limited selection of containers and large plants from our own stock. Please call 020 7738 8044 or email for details. Any containers or plants not returned, or returned damaged or otherwise  unfit for future loan will be invoiced at cost.




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