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Enhance Your Home With Plants - Winter Webchat
Take a look at our series of transformational guides and discover how we achieved such a stunning result - simply by using flowers and plants! Our winter webchat explains how to achieve such simple and wonderful enhancements to your home.

Floral Empire - Winter Webchat
We take our majestic winter trend and show you different ways of making stately arrangements for your home. The flowers featured are carnations, amaryllis, and nerines, so if you're stuck for inspiration or care tips for these blooms, within a few minutes you'll be an expert! There's information on plants, too - so if you're not good with flowers, try a poinsettia or bromeliad out instead.

So simple... So try it! - Autumn Webchat
Enjoying flowers in your home is easy. We tell you what's hip in the fashion world of flowers, and make arrangements in items every girl has, like shoes, handbags, and even wellington boots! We use fun, quirky accessories like coffee beans and feathers, for ideas for girly occassions like dinner parties and hen nights. its So Simple... So Try it!

Garden of Delight - Summer Webchat
This is a trend great for those wanting a tropical fix. Can't get away this summer, or pining for distant lands during the chilly months? Create an exotic indoor haven with flowers instead. We show you tropical beauties like curcuma, vanda orchids, and gloriosa. Mixed in with popular blooms like gerbera and carnations, we give you fresh, new ideas with your old favourites.

Seasonal Plants Webchat
Whether colour, fragrance or traditional festivity gets you in the Christmas spirit, this webchat will give you plenty of ideas on choosing the best seasonal plant for your home. There's something for every room and every person - even if you're not green fingered.

Outside In - Summer Webchat
This summer webchat is packed full of ideas on how to bring the wonders of nature indoors with summer flowers. If you love sunflowers, you'll love the ideas in this show! We also show you ways with the mighty alium, and gorgeous gladioli.