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Transform your home with plants!

Take a look at our series of transformational guides and discover how we achieved such a stunning result - simply by using flowers and plants!

Our winter webchat explains how to achieve such simple and wonderful enhancements to your home. Take a look at our before and after shots, explanations as to how the look was created, what plants were used and even take a look behind the scenes.

Series 1 - Hallway:
Greet your guests in style with beautiful plants in the entrance of your home. Choose something easy-care that has a lot of impact, like trailing ivy. You make the best impression by working in groups, so make sure you create a sense of harmony and balance with 3 or 5 plants.

Series 2 - Living Room:
Most people have a sideboard in their homes for storage purposes, and they tend to display their collectibles and best-loved ornaments there. We've enhanced the glamour and sophistication of this collection with amaryllis, the most elegant of spring flowers. You can display amaryllis short, long - and even upside-down!
To cut amaryllis, lay the stem on a chopping board and make a single cut with a sharp knife. Wrap sticky tape around the bottom of the stem to prevent it from splitting and curling up.

Most people also have a horrible, dark corner lurking beside their sofa. We've brightened this side table with a kentia palm and some sweet potted ferns - all incredibly easy plants to care for.

Series 3 - Dining area:
The hub of the home, this space deserves the most decadent decoration, especially for special occasions! We've made gorgeous candlebra arrangements, with roses, hyacinths and mixed foliage. For simpler occasions, try these cute miniature kalanchoes in peppers as place settings, with these smart heathers lined up in the centre of the table.

Series 4 - Bathroom:
This is a room you visit at least twice a day even if you're super-busy, so make the most of the experience by adding bathroom-loving plants to create a home-spa! Phalaenopsis orchids and anthuriums love the steamy atmosphere in the bathroom.

Series 5 - Home study:
Most people have a dedicated area for their computer, so why not make this a healthier, happier place with plants that absorb harmful chemicals emitted from your computer and furnishings? We used Mother-in-Law's tongue, voted the 'best office plant for 2008' by the Dutch National Health Institute and Applied Plant and Environmental Research specialists in Holland for its air purifying and easy care capabilities.

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