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St Valentine's Day

Facts and figures from the Flowers & Plants Association

On 14th February:

  • British people spend around £50 million on flowers and plants, 99% of which is spent on flowers.
  • Sales of fresh flowers increase by well over half, on average sales levels.
  • Over 3 million people - both women and men - give fresh flowers.
  • Around 90% of the day's flowers are bought by men.
  • Around 5% of the day's flowers are bought for men - and this figure is growing.
  • Well over 9 million red roses are given in the UK.
  • The majority of roses sold in the UK are flown in from Colombia, Holland, India, Israel, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and the Channel Isles, though some are grown in the UK.
  • Worldwide over 55 million roses are traded on this one day alone.
  • If quoting figures please credit the Flowers & Plants Association/TNS Sofres (Figures from Valentine's Day 2008)

    Worldwide demand on just one day:

  • Russians, Japanese and Americans are also avid buyers of roses; and many European countries spend three times what we in the UK do on fresh flowers.
  • Roses are traditionally a certain shade of bright scarlet red, though darker reds are becoming more popular. The flowerbuds should be just ready to open. If the flowers have opened over-fully, or are still tight in green bud, then they are not saleable. Weather and light conditions can also affect their development.
  • Roses are a fresh, living, changing product, and cannot be stockpiled in advance.
  • This means a huge global demand for this one product, in a very short timeframe, which inevitably causes supply problems, and consequently higher prices than during the rest of the year. Demand simply outstrips supply.
  • Red roses are also not a uniform product - as living things they vary enormously: short or long stemmed, large or small headed, and of course, differing varieties and qualities. Prices can therefore vary greatly.
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