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Fashion Flowers For Winter
The New Collection : Soft Snow

White flowers always seem glamorous - as if they don't need colour to show off their beauty. They seem to glow at night, in the dark; and during the day have a quiet, understated elegance, like a cashmere sweater.
Most subtle of all - and very sophisticated - are bouquets of foliage alone; furry silver and fluffy powder-grey contrasting with smooth gunmetal.

Textures contrast sharply as in a winter's landscape - the sharp clarity of ice and the soft tranquility of snow. Fluffy goose down. Crisp hoarfrost. Smooth glistening icicles. Think of snuggly blankets and frosty paths - contrasts of dark and light, soft and hard, shiny and furry. Maximum sensual appeal.

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Snow Queens
Ice Cubes
Soft Scoop
Frozen feast
Textured Tulips
Frosted Bouquet
Winter Wonderland
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