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Holiday fun, with tropical bromeliads

It’s the time of year to be planning our summer holidays – but what if you can’t get away - for lack of time, money or a travelling companion?  The Flowers & Plants Association has a great suggestion for recreating your dream destination in your own home – with bromeliads. And you don’t have to get injections, put the dog into kennels, or squash two weeks’ clothes into one tiny case… with beautiful bromeliads surrounding you instead, why would you even want to go?

Bromeliads of all kinds are perfect for recreating a jungle feel. Tree-dwelling plants, bromeliads sit in the crevices of branches, collecting raindrops to water themselves. Their long, shiny, strappy leaves help to funnel the rainwater into a central tube.

There's so many plants to choose from - whether you have space on a windowsill, in the corner of a room or you want to fill a blank wall with colour. They're all so easy to look after - simply ensure the central rosette of leaves is always filled with water, and give them an occasional spray, for glossy, happy, colourful plants!

Any room is suitable to turn into a jungle paradise with bromeliads, but they particularly like the steamy atmosphere of bathrooms and kitchens.

Architectural Aechmea
Particularly attractive is the gorgeous pale pink bloom of Aechmea, offset against its dusky grey-green leaves. These look so striking in simple, modern interiors.

Gorgeous Guzmania
Guzmania has the brightest flowers, and is the favourite of interior designers (you might have seen them in hotel foyers or posh restaurants). They're the short-cut to the designer look - simply pop in a pot and admire!

Viscious Vriesa?
Vriesea has beautifully striped leaves as well as bright sword-shaped flowerspikes. They are the favourite food of bears, so watch out for grizzlies in the living room…!       

Tantalising Tillandsia
Perfect for girly girls, these pretty bromeliads have grey-green, slender leaves and pink or pale green flowers. These 'boudoir bromeliads' will make any special room look more inviting!

What better way to recreate sipping cocktails at sunset on a beautiful beach than with ornamental pineapple plants? Another type of bromeliad, they're fantatic for those wanting something more fruity: a great theme for the kitchen.