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Girls: Get More From Your Man By Sending Him Flowers

Sending him flowers? Did you hear me right? Yes you did: recent research has shown that the way to get more from your man is to bestow him with the gift we want the most: a beautiful bunch of flowers.
Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA, carried out a recent study that showed men of all ages and backgrounds who received flowers were happier and more socially interactive.

Got relationship issues? Use flowers to get things back on track…
Can't catch his eye? Men who received flowers demonstrated more eye contact in conversation: grab a bunch and have the most heartfelt conversation you've had in years!
Man stand-offish? Men who received flowers stood in closer proximity to the researchers, so to get him firmly in your arms, thrust a bunch into his arms first!
Relationship lost its spark? Men who received flowers produced more and truer smiles than those who didn't, so lighten up both of your days with a big, sunny bunch of flowers!

Sarah Holland from the Flowers & Plants Association said: "The Association has long believed flowers are universally appealing, and this research confirms flowers aren't just for girls, but for real men, too!"

Get more from your man: send him flowers today, he'll be sending them to you tomorrow! Great flowers for men include gerbera in strong colours, echinops, artichoke or eryngium thistle, exotic anthuriums, or chrysanthemums. For an even longer-lasting surprise that's easy to care for, why not try a bromeliad plant?




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